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CSWonline | Question of the Day 4/29


Alex Brard– Hey man, how do you feel about derrick rose, and how will the franchise be if he doesn’t play next year?

CSWonline– Well, a torn ACL is an injury which requires a minimum of six to nine months of recovery/rehab, which means Rose will miss time into next season, probably coming back around the All-Star break if everything goes smoothly. In terms of the Bulls chances to succeed without him now, I think they have a legitimate shot to get past Boston in the second round, considering how much preparation guys like John Lucas III and Ronnie Brewer have had in Rose’s absence this season. Against the Heat, it is a whole other story. Although the Bulls tied the season series against the Heat during the regular season, this is the playoffs, and everything is on the line. Even with Rose on the floor, I still don’t think the Bulls had a chance, due to the fact that Rose’s still wasn’t in game shape from the x-number of injuries he suffered during the shortened season. Looking to next year, I think the Bulls will be fine for the regular season, but once again the Bulls playoff hopes rest on the shoulders of the leagues reigning MVP. If he can’t recover in time to at least play post All-Star break, there is no chance the Bulls make another run at a championship.


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