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CSWonline | Question of the Day 4/30

Question– Will we see someone win the Triple Crown this season in the MLB?

CSWonline– Over the past couple of years, we have seen the types of players in the MLB evolve to fit the changes to the game. No more are bullpens comprised of just a setup man and closer, but instead, a group of six or seven guys, each of whom have a specific job and a specific inning in which they can pitch. The cleanup hitter, for example, was once just a home run and rbi machine. But in today’s day and age, if you want to win a World Series, he must do more in terms of hitting for average and on base percentage, in an effort to maximize their production and ultimately, maximize the number of runs the team scores as a whole. Now that you understand that, lets get to the main question. Because of the way the game and players has evolved, the triple crown is at least within reach. When you mention Triple Crown this year, two names come to mind: Josh Hamilton and Matt Kemp. Their numbers 20 or so games into the season are astronomical, breaking records within their respective clubs. Hamilton is batting .395, with nine homers and 25 rbis. Likewise, Kemp is batting .425, with 11 homers and 24 rbis. Both are have a shot, but it is almost too early to say. The reason why the Triple Crown is so hard to achieve is because the longevity of the MLB season and the constant pressure the crown has in the back of your head.


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