Playoff Predictions | CSWonline


(6) Minnesota Vikings at (3) Green Bay Packers

There is only one thing the Packers need to do to win this game and that is to stop Adrian Peterson. Sounds simple, right?  After a dismal defensive performance by Green Bay in the season finale against Minnesota, Don Capers better go back and look at game tape and teach his team to tackle. Although they have the best offense in the league, their defense is weighing them down. It might surprise you, but I think Minnesota will pull this one out…and don’t forget the fact that Green Bay kicker Mason Crosby has been shaky all year; don’t want to send him out there to win the game with all the pressure in the world on his shoulders. His field goal percentage is 63.6%, 13 percent below than his career average.

(5) Seattle Seahawks at (4) Washington

If momentum determined who would win this game, I would have to give it to Seattle. But unfortunately, it’s not. Washington has shown that it has the power to beat anyone in this league. With a potentially healthy RG3 and an unstoppable running game led by sixth round pick Alfred Morris, I think Washington can win this game, but not by a lot. Unfortunately, even with Russell Wilson and the unbelievable Seattle defense, the RG3 led offense will be too much to handle.


(6) Cincinnati Bengals at (3) Houston Texans

First of all, let me say the Texans should not be playing in this game. They should be sitting at home preparing for next weeks matchup against either the Broncos or Bengals. But instead, they screwed themselves over, failing to win one of their last two games and ultimately failing to give them a first round bye. Anyway, this game should be a blowout. Houston is too good on both sides of the ball to lose this game. They have more star power and talent, which will ultimately give them a win against a Bengals team potentially without their starting running back.

(5) Indianapolis Colts at (4) Baltimore Ravens

I think most people are rooting for the Colts in this one. The unbelievable season that Andrew Luck is having combined with the magic and heart stemming from Chuck Pagano, things sure did look good from our prospective. But after Ray Lewis announced his retirement at the end of the season, something changed for the better, as Baltimore became motivated to win for Ray. The Ravens are going to come out hot and the crowd will be rowdy as Ray Lewis comes out of that tunnel for potentially the last time of his career.


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