“To illustrate what kind of circus Tebow brings with him, the Jets are having a press conference to introduce a back up QB.”

Ball So Hard

The three-ring circus that is Tebow-mania is packing up and headed to New York.  I find this to be a very odd move, especially in light of the fractured locker room that the New York Jets had this past season.  Much of that dysfunction centered around Santonio Holmes’ dissatisfaction with the play of starting QB Mark Sanchez.  As awful as Sanchez was at times, he was never as bad as Tim Tebow.  Sanchez only completed 56% of his passes in 2011 but that was still better than the 46% that Tebow put up for the Denver Broncos.  Does the Jets front office really think that Holmes would be happy with Tebow skipping passes in the turf?

I find it even stranger that the Jets would invest so much money in Sanchez to ensure that he is their starter for at least the next 2-3 seasons and then invite the circus…

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