Has Money taken over the game of Sports?

Having read about Matt Forte and DeSean Jackson’s unwillingness to play under their minimal salary rookie contracts, many questions come to mind. Instead of being content with playing the sport that they love for a living, they have used Twitter and other social networking sites to express their discontent over the amount of money they are making. First of all, I think it is absolute bullshit that that they would be complaining about making 500K in the final year of their rookie contract when they know that they will get millions more in one more year. I really hate guys that do this. There are tons of people who would die to be in their shoes and do it for no money, but because they think they are working SO hard, they should get millions of dollars in return. That brings me to my second point. What is it with society that people who work really hard make minimum wage and here are famous athletes (Football players for instance) that play once a week and practice once or twice make millions? Oh yeah and I forgot, they are also playing the game that they love for a profession. If I had the choice, those guys should be making jack shit. Most of the athletes failed to make it through school, barely had to work hard and look at them now, going to the bank with millions of dollars stashed right inside their pocket. This is why society sucks. But to be honest, if these athletes didn’t get paid very much, most of them would look like scums living on the street and in the end, it would hurt the NFL tremendously. No one would look at it the same. Maybe its the $200 Beats by Dr. Dre and the thousand dollar pair of jeans that make people want to be famous athletes, not the fame and status that comes with it.

This brings me to another point, but in a different sport. With the talent level rising and rising each year, do players now have the ability to ask for more money? This question has to do with one guy in particular and that is Albert Pujols and his 10-year, $300 million dollar contract that he is asking for after his contract with the Cardinals expires this year. Though I will admit that he is the best players in the major leagues, no one in their right mind can think that they are worth that much money. To be honest, I don’t think many of the athletes are in dire need of these big contracts…especially Pujols. He is now in the final year of his contract and he now want tons of more money to go with it. We all know that he does’t really need the money and that his family is taken care of, so why do you think he really wants that much money. There can really only be one answer: GREED.

One way to fix the amount of money athletes make is to negotiate a new CBA and tell the players that they need to give up some of there money if they ever want to play in a successful league. This just happened in the NFL and the problem that occurred as a result of players making too much money was that majority of the organizations in the NFL lost money in the 2010-2011 season. There is a problem with that when the NFL as a whole makes over $9 billion dollars in total revenue each year. Though it seems everything was taking care of and it seems like the entire football season will go through successfully, you have to wonder how all of this started. Was it because the NFL was greedy and wanted more money or was it the players who didn’t want to give up any of the money that they were making. I can’t say for sure who exactly is to blame, but I can say that both sides were GREEDY and wanted more money.


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4 responses to “Has Money taken over the game of Sports?

  1. Get your Facts Right Next time before you start bashing athletes.

    The reason why forte is pissed of is because the NFL is extremely competitive and the avg career is 3.3 years because the abuse they take and how it effects there body and makes them slower , so younger players are quicker and faster than the the 5 year veteran. also when saying the shouldn’t make any money is arrogant , sure they are playing the game they love and the only play once a week or practice once or twice , but just imagine how much time off the field they put into there bodies and watching film ….. a job is a job they all suck !. also you saying they don’t work hard because they didn’t make it through school…. Most NFL players come from poverty and the only way out of poverty is through athletics, because the educational system is no where near as good as yours.

    • Brad Shulkin

      Thank you for commenting on my blog. Though I do agree with some of your points on how much they work off the field to make sure their bodies are in top-notch shape, I don’t agree with others. No one in their right mind can say that they deserve to make as much money as they are making right now. It just does’t make sense. I know people that work twice as hard as they are and they are still only making minimum wage. I know this will never change because it is just the way society works, but it really does irk me. People should get paid fairly for the amount of work they do. No athlete is worth millions of dollars and you know that.

      Thanks for your comment

  2. Interesting points, Brad. Here are some devil’s advocate arguments from the other side:
    1. With the teams making so much money, don’t the athletes deserve to get their fair share of the revenues? After all it is their labor that the team benefits from. In the early days of every sport the players were lucky to make $25 a week and did so for their love of the sport.
    2. Athletes sacrifice their bodies to earn their keep. I’ll always remember the Nick Nolte wake up scene in North Dallas Forty when every joint had to crack before he could stand up and walk over to the pain killers in his medicine chest.
    3. What do you think of the issue that athletes have short earnings periods. They don’t get to work in their field for 30+ years, they’ve got less than a decade most likely. They have to make a lifetime worth of income in a short period of time.

    Still you’re right that fans can unfairly perceive athlete’s outrageous earnings demands as excessive.

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