Cubs Trade-Deadline Catastrophe-Moves I thought the Cubs should’ve made and whats in store for the Future

by Brad Shulkin (Sports Editor) 
The Chicago Cubs season has been over for a good part of this year. The attempt to bring in new ownership and new life into one of the oldest ballparks in the Major leagues has ultimately failed. But who is to blame? Is it the players who have looked like they don’t give a shit if they win or lose, or has it been the GM Jim Hendry for failing to trade any of the old bums for some fresh new players? I don’t think the organization has caught on quite yet, but it is time to rebuild, not stack up on players that are only going to weigh the Cubs down for their final years in the league.
Below is a list of possible moves I think the Cubs should have made and what they would’ve gotten in return. Now in all honesty, Jim Hendry is too much of a Dumbass to know what the Cubs needed to do, so I didn’t really expect them to make any of these trades. Also below is a list of what they can do during the offseason and what I think the starting lineup will end up looking like come opening day next year.

Move # 1: Trade Mike Quade to the Phillies minor league squad for Ryan Sandberg (manager of the Phillies top Minor League affiliate, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs):After the Cubs made the decision to go with Mike Quade as the manager, Sandberg left the Cubs Organization. He was the guys that knew the Cubs up and down, left and right. He was the guy that would’ve gotten them out of the World Series drought with his motivation to win and his knowledge of the game– something Quade ultimately lacks. I am not really sure who is to blame for this move, but it has hurt the Cubs tremendously this year. Usually I am not the one to blame the Managers for being the reason teams fail, but in this case, Quade has made some terrible calls during games that caused them to get a loss. If he is back next year, which would be very surprising, I think myself, along with most of the other Cubs fans who have yet to give up hope, will switch sides and root for the mediocre White Sox.

Move #2: Go back in time and give Alfonso Soriano a 2 year deal and pay him the minimum salary: I know I am not the only one who believes this but I am so sick of paying players big money who don’t give a shit if their team wins or loses. I feel like most of the guys who start on the Cubs don’t fricken care and have given up hope. Why can’t some of the Cubs players be like Adam Dunn, who despite hitting .162, has yet to give up hope and has tried his hardest to get out of his season-long slump. I was reading the Chicago Tribune today and it said that the Cubs need to get out of an era of overpaying under productive players. Over the past couple of years, the list is endless of guys the Cubs have opened their pockets to and have failed to live up to their potential. a.k.a. Alfonso Soriano

Move #3: Trade Aramis Ramirez for a bunch of prospects: You are probably thinking right now that Aramis is the best player the Cubs have right now and that why would they trade him? You are right in saying that he is the best player, but you are wrong in the question you are asking. It is not why would the Cubs trade him, but instead why wouldn’t they trade him? Aramis has been the victim of having very slow starts, but has picked up to all-star level by the All-star break. His value is at an all time high right now and the value that the Cubs could get for him would be miles ahead of what he could do in his final years of his career. With him being a free agent this offseason and without a doubt the best third baseman on the market, their will be a lot of competition for him. Instead of the Cubs trading him and getting something in return, they will take their chances with trying to resign him, while competing with all the other teams that are in desperate need of the corner infielder. Jim Hendry’s decision to not go ahead and trade him leads me to believe that he will finish his career with the Cubs. I hope that if Hendry felt any doubt that Aramis didn’t want to be a Cub he would’ve traded him to get something in return. But, can we really trust Hendry?

Move #4: Get rid of Jim Hendry…enough said. Usually when a GM puts together a team that is 20 games under .500 and has only had one-three game winning steak, his job is on the line. I would like to see next season someone with a good record of putting together a championship come in and turn this club inside out. I want to see change and If change in going to occur, then everyone from the front office to the players has to go. The Cubs need to wipe their slate clean and start completely over.


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3 responses to “Cubs Trade-Deadline Catastrophe-Moves I thought the Cubs should’ve made and whats in store for the Future

  1. Anonymous

    Just a question Mr. Shulkin. For 1st base next year you put Prince Fielder. I understand that the sun-times and many other notable sources have stated that Fielder hasn’t ruled out even his current rival team, (the team he has been hit by pitched the most), but in all honestness, do you expect, first, that Fielder would do this, and second, that the Cubs could put up that money? The fact that Fielder is an amazing player would increase ticket sales dramatically. But, this just isn’t plausible. The only similar deals ever committed in baseball history were Babe Ruth to the Yankees and Johnny Damon to the same franchise. These deals were fueled by money, a factor that unfortunately doesn’t seem feasible for Chicago. I appreciate the hope and I, too, wish that the Cubs could make this happen, but unfortunately it won’t. Any comments? P.S. Great blog and I look forward to more.

  2. Alex Brard

    Your welcome. Your pretty talented Brad, nice blog, keep it up.

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